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At CLADtech Systems we have the expertise experience and resources to provide a quality service while still maintaining a competitive price.




At CLADtech systems, we specialise In Kingspan roofing and cladding, which ensures that we are able to offer you superior services. Our team have many years’ experience, and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to carrying out repairs including damage, de-lamination, scratches, manufacturing defects, and fixing holes.

What is Kingspan Cladding?

Designed to maximize construction efficiency while delivering superior lifetime performance and fire protection with complete building envelope solutions underpinned by industry-leading warranties, Kingspan Cladding is a fantastic choice that is also very cost-effective. Kingspan is a rigid, general purpose insulation board suitable for a wide range of uses, and available in a variety of different grades. Kingspan is regularly used in the roofing domain, such as for pitched roofs and flat roofs. Kingspan insulated panels are single component, factory pre-engineered systems, which offers industry-leading benefits in thermal-efficiency, fire safety and lifetime durability, delivering a complete envelope solution.

Is Kingspan Cladding safe?

An important question. According to Kingspan, cladding systems that incorporate Kingspan products, such as Kingspan Cladding, that have been successfully tested to BS8414, are safe for use on buildings over 18 metres, where permitted, such as in offices in England & Wales. Additionally, Kingspan has a class 0 'medium risk' fire rating, preventing the spread of flames and emission of low levels of smoke and toxic gasses. Therefore, you can be rest assured that Kingspan Cladding is safe to use and meets building regulations.

How strong is Kingspan?

Kingspan boards are known for their high compressive strength. The boards, therefore, have an excellent level of impact resistance, so if you have children who are likely to kick footballs at your wall then this is a great option!

What is the thermal performance like?

Kingspan insulation boards offer excellent advanced thermal performance. Compared to EPS, where you would need 90mm to reach building regulations, using just 60mm of Kingspan insulation can bring your property in line with regulations.

How resistant is Kingspan against moisture?

Another benefit of Kingspan is that it has a highly moisture resistant closed-cell structure, meaning that water cannot get into the material, which can reduce the risk of damp and mould growing in your home. This can also prevent condensation, protecting your home.

How sustainable is Kingspan?

Kingspan is made of high-quality phenolic foam, which is free of CFC and HCFC and has an ozone depletion potential of zero. Therefore, this means that Kingspan has a very low environmental impact, allowing you to do your bit for the environment.



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