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CLADtech Systems

At CLADtech Systems we have the expertise experience and resources to provide a quality service while still maintaining a competitive price.




At CLADtech Systems, you can count on our expert skills and training in industrial roofing and cladding to carry out all your sheeting and cladding works, drawing on over 40 years of industrial experience. No matter how big or small the roofing project, we can carry out roof repair works across the UK from King span panels to built-up systems and rain screen to cedar cladding with ease and precision, minimizing the impact on your daily activities, priding ourselves on our reliability, prompt and efficient service, and our excellent safety record.

What repair services do we offer?

At CLADtech Systems, we are highly skilled in all aspects of roofing and can provide a range of bespoke services from a simple repair to a completely new roof. For example, we can help you to find the source of a leak and carry out emergency repair work to your property for when you need Emergency Roof Repairs. We can also replace broken or slipped tiles, repair flashing and renew timber structures.

Additionally, we offer Gutter Repairs & Clearing services which means that you can count on us to fix loose parts and brackets and replace any broken sections, as well as removing debris and clearing any blockages. As well as this, we offer Flat Roof Repairs including detecting and fixing any leaks in all types of flat roofing including felt, asphalt and lead.

What are the benefits of regular roof repair?

Save Money

Often, it is all too common that many people don't pay attention to the condition of their roofs until there are leaks and damage that becomes too big to ignore. Therefore, it is important to regularly maintain your roof as it is arguably the most weather-exposed area of a property. By periodically maintaining your roof, this helps you to avoid the expensive costs of replacing an entire roof.

Protect Other Features of Your Home

To protect other features of your home from weather damage, regular roof maintenance and repairs can help you to keep your family healthy and safe from dangerous mould and damp. Regular maintenance is very important as water leaks can quickly destroy insulation, ceiling materials, walls, and floors if not maintained on a regular basis.

Extends Your Roof's Longevity

Generally, quality roofing materials have a useful life of 15-25 years. However, many years of neglect can significantly lower the lifespan of the roof, causing unavoidable stress and repair costs. Over time, debris and pollution can accumulate on your roof, which can result in decay and damage. For example, leaves can get stuck in the gutter and cause rainwater to move into other flow areas.

Additionally, twigs, bird droppings, nesting, and other particulates can also stick to your roof and cause disease-causing mould. If you live in areas which frequently suffer from extreme weather conditions, we highly recommend maintaining your roof more frequently.



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